Summer Weight Loss – 6 Weeks to Success

There’s still time to lose weight this summer!

If you’re still struggling with getting and keeping the weight off, then this could be what you need!  It’s not a diet. It’s not packaged foods. It’s not calorie counting. Introducing an online webinar program via Zoom in the comfort of your home or the lake! 

Week 1 – Grounding for Effortless Weight Loss
Week 2 – Get Beyond your Struggle – Reconnect to your Inner Slender Self
Week 3 – Emotional Eating – Take the Power out of Urges and Cravings
Week 4 – You don’t need Motivation to lose weight
Week 5 – End Conflict & Sabotage – Increase Inner Peace and Alignment
Week 6 – Sustainable Freedom for the Future

Each week for 6 weeks I will host a Zoom webinar with Q&A, plus a guided meditation to integrate and deepen your insights and changes.

The program runs Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm from July 25th to August 29th.

This is a new program, so the introductory price is $57.00, plus GST. The next class will be $247.00, so there’s never going to be a better time to sign up.

As this is an introductory price, I’m accepting a limited number of people. To ensure your spot, please remit an etransfer payment to in the amount of $59.85 (GST included) before July 20, 2018.

Call me at 204.781.7972 or Email for further information.