The Program

The Way They Do Weight Loss is Broken!

From the latest promise of a grant from a weight loss company to return a portion of your money that you overpaid in the first place, to the latest pill, spray or tea made of slim promises, you hope this next one will be the thing that finally works.

It stirs up desire with renewed hope that you’ll finally drop the excess weight this time. It’s new so maybe it might even work for awhile, but the inevitable honeymoon phase ends and you’re left disappointed ready to divorce that diet too.

This program is NOT a diet. So how will it work? Read on…


So many promises, so many let downs. Is this still you?

  • I’m still struggling to get and maintain my weight goal
  • I spend too much time and energy focusing on food and my body
  • I have no discipline or willpower
  • I sabotage and have a criticizing bully within that won’t shut up
  • I can’t get motivated to get back on track
  • I don’t like what I see in the mirror
  • I feel I’m a loser and a failure


Diets provoke thoughts. “But I can’t have chocolate anymore. I need to avoid movies and popcorn. I must follow this daily meal plan of veggies and boring foods. I gotta do this exercise and spend hours in the gym. This is boring, too hard to follow and maintain!” Sound familiar?

These heavy thoughts about diets are common and makes you feel like the dreadful chore of cleaning up after the dog following the melted snow after a long winter. Ugh!

Now I don’t know how to avoid the dog mess, but what I can tell you after working with clients for over 7 years is that slimming down, ending overeating, and making peace with food and your body doesn’t have to be such a dreadful task!


It doesn’t have to be so hard!  

  • Restricting and depriving the foods you enjoy only to unleash frantic cravings
  • Uncontrollable urges to buffer feelings and numb with food creating abject misery
  • Agonizing about what to wear in your closet because nothing fits except for the low self-esteem sweat pants
  • Feeling helplessly guilty about not using the high-paid gym membership you feel you always should be using
  • All the while believing when you lose weight then you’ll be happy and confident


I had to close my office!

Working for over 7 years with a well known expensive program, I had to close my office and change how I work with clients. I witnessed many amazing results, but sadly many didn’t want packaged foods and for years the coaching after care was lacking, so many regained all or part of their weight. This upset me greatly.


It breaks my heart to see people alone and suffer silently with this struggle.


Many people who seem to have it together in other areas of their lives, struggle with their weight, costing them so much time, energy, money and unhappiness.

It zaps you daily of energy and joy. Time and again clients first contact me because they feel like failures, robbed of confidence by their weight.

It makes me think of Kenny who contacted me for help because he was confused with all the information out there and didn’t know what to believe. Kenny was only 45 years old and came into my life too late for me to help him. I only knew him a few weeks before he lost his battle and died in his sleep from complications due to his weight. In our modern world, this shouldn’t happen! In the short time I knew Kenny he left a big impression on my heart to eliminate this avoidable suffering for others.

Kenny was a life changer for me. I’ve been working for years helping people lose weight and I vowed to myself in that moment to never let anybody struggle again ever if it’s within my means to help someone.


Diets don’t work. Statistics show us a staggering 95% fail.


Most of you know diets don’t work, but don’t know what else there is.

Along my journey I have discovered a new understanding about how our experience works that resolves weight loss with a new paradigm. Our relationship with food is a metaphor of how we do life because weight is a symptom. What this means is that diets, exercise, emotional eating, and what to eat or not to eat are all outside in approaches to an inside-out dilemma.

I believe this is the difference that makes the difference.


Living lightly From The Inside-out


Here’s some of the positive results clients have shared:

“I was going through a difficult inner struggle. Mentally I had no desire to do anything and always felt “gloomy”. I felt like I was a victim to my thoughts and feelings and that I would never be able to pull myself out of my misery. It got to the point where I labelled myself as having anxiety. Because of my negative emotions I decided that it was okay for me to emotionally eat whatever I wanted because “I deserved it (the food)”. So here I am two weeks later (after the program), pasta/bread/muffin/pancake free. I learned how to make zucchini lasagna, as I’m a pasta lover, and it actually turned out great. Even the Italian boyfriend liked it. I had one Sunday morning where we made eggs benedict and yes I did have an English muffin, but I never felt guilty about it. I never experienced my old thoughts of failure and giving up on what I had already achieved. I enjoyed the breakfast with my boyfriend and carried on avoiding all the carbs. I even went for a run last night out of nowhere and I actually felt good afterwards. I didn’t need the motivation to do it, I just did it. I connect express the amount of value I have received from this 6 week program. It’s not your typical “how-to” you see all over the internet.  It was nothing I had ever imagined. I would never have learned this anywhere else. These insights I have gotten have really changed my life for the better.” BL

“What I experienced in the first video was that your voice is so genuinely caring and I felt like I was accepted for who I am.” DH

I knew it wouldn’t work to restrict myself to lose weight. Now I genuinely want to eat healthier as a lifestyle way of being. BM

I would eat well throughout the day but had what felt like uncontrollable evening snacking and I have now just stopped. I am now feeling self-empowered. CV


If you missed the program last time, this is your chance to join now!

A BRAND NEW type of program from the Inside Out Paradigm

  • Week 1 – A New Paradigm – Understanding How our Experience Works for Effortless Weight Loss
  • Week 2 – Beyond the Struggle – Reconnect to your Inner Slender Self
  • Week 3 – Emotional Eating – Take the Power out of Urges and Cravings
  • Week 4 – You don’t need Motivation to lose weight
  • Week 5 – Dump Sabotage like an old Boyfriend
  • Week 6 – Create a New Inspiring story for your Future


What to expect:

  • 6 weekly videos and supportive community of like-minded people in private group
  • the simple understanding of how your experience works to end your struggle
  • this is not a diet
  • you will know that you are not broken and you don’t need fixing
  • make peace with food and your body
  • connect to the miracle of your body – it tells you what it wants or doesn’t want
  • let go of the past that’s held you back from having what you want until now
  • a healthier self-image and stop feeling self-conscious in your clothes
  • enjoy a healthy lifestyle vs the unsustainable despair of restricting
  • weight is a symptom – it’s a path of transformation to your worth and well-being
  • inside-out sustainable change; real change to your slimmer you
  • stop buffering with food and experience your resilience so you are no longer triggered by urges to take you down the rabbit hole of sabotage
  • begin living as a naturally thin person and your body will follow
  • weekly guided meditations to install your insights for effortless lasting change

What will you do with the extra time and energy when you’re no longer dieting or obsessing about food?


What you get:

  • 6 weekly videos – consisting of a webinar and guided meditation to anchor your insights for lasting change
  • Supportive private community of like-minded people to stay in the conversation and share progress and success
  • Recordings of the videos to watch again at your leisure

The Beta program is now closed.

Thank you for your participation in the program! With the wonderful feedback, it’s now forwarded to the technical team to create a self-educating online program.

I will have the online program fully ready in the near future. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, please contact me for weight loss results coaching.


PS. Become part of the 5% who do succeed. Weight loss from the inside out can be your path for transformation and freedom.