Living Lightly Tip No.3

Set yourself up for Success with an Effortless 5% Improvement

Often when we’re wanting to make a change, we take on too much at once and set ourselves up to struggle. As an example, you’re not yet regularly exercising, but you decide that you want to join the gym and work out three times this week. Chances are that you’re not going to meet this expectation because it’s too big of a jump. Start small and go for an easy win.

To set yourself up for success, consider a small action over the next week with an easy intention or goal. What could you find yourself doing and enjoying?

It could be focusing on one healthy meal per day, or getting a pretty water bottle to hydrate more often, taking the stairs, or it could even be just dusting off your running shoes.

For example, if you want to begin exercising, a great way to start moving the body is walking.  This could be parking your car 5% further away and walking to the office. Or maybe it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Or maybe it’s walking around the block once this week.

Make it a super easy no brainer 5% difference so that you hardly have to think about doing it.  And if you’re like many of us and you need to be held accountable to someone, send me an email or a text to 204.781.7972 with your intention and the date you’ll do it by. Make it easy to do. You’ve got this!