Where do you shed excess weight first?

Carrying excess weight on our body shows up in other areas. It often manifests as holding onto too much stuff, also known as clutter.
What do you hold onto? Momentos? Books? Plastic containers and lids that don’t match?
Where does it hide? Closets? Drawers? Spare room?
It’s always a good sign when my clients decide to purge their stuff.
Sometimes we purge our stuff first and then it starts to shred off our body. 
It still amazes me how excess weight and excess stuff are linked and you never know what kind of ripple effect one action can create.
So today, what one thing can you let go of? Right now, as you think about it – before you move anywhere, what is one thing you can let go of today? Do it. Today.
Living it lightly!

There’s actually less to do!

I recently listened to an online summit about weight loss with videos from several “experts”. One said “To stop emotional eating, you just have to control your thoughts and keep them positive”.

I’d have liked to have asked, “How’s that working for you?” In other words, if you can control your thoughts, tell me what you’ll be thinking about in 10 minutes from now?

I love that I now know we don’t have to control our thinking! The nature of thought, especially with us having about 70,000 thoughts a day, is that on its own a new thought will arise. We don’t have to work at controlling our thoughts!

I love that it’s subtractive and there’s actually less that we have to do!


How often do you judge yourself by comparing your current goals with your past success or failures?

How many times have your past experiences stopped you from having what you really want?

It seems logical to make comparisons with your past, but is it moving you closer to or away from your goal?

I came to the realization that I used to do this all the time. For example, when I’d set a goal to lose weight I’d automatically find myself thinking back to my previous attempts at losing weight; comparing the current option with my previous attempts.

Comparisons like – if I have to keep a food journal and eat salads I’ll get bored because that happened before, so that means it won’t work for me now either.

Or worse if our thinking drops into futility and hopelessness like, “Who am I kidding. Nothing worked before. I’ll never lose weight.”

But it’s not true!

Here’s the thing. The past is thought.

Try to touch it. You can’t; it’s thought.

It no longer exits.

It’s now a memory – made of thought.

The good news is that because the past is thought, it knows nothing about your future.

Read that again. The past knows nothing about your future.

Your results in the past does not predict your future.

You are not the same person you were before. You have new cells, new experiences, and new strengths. You are more than your thoughts.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your goal weight?


Could it be this simple?


But don’t believe me. Check it out for yourself.

Are you telling yourself the same story? Is your mind trying to take you out, with thoughts like, “it’s too hard, or I can’t do this, or it’s not fair, or what’s the use?”

It might be so familiar that you’re not even aware you’re doing this. In the past I was so focused on positive thinking, that my old negative thoughts gathered quietly like dust behind curtains in an old theatre.

It’s still just thought.

Now it no longer matters what my thoughts are, because I know I have 70,000 thoughts a day, and my memories, my thoughts know nothing about my future.

I mean how could my little ticker tape of daily thought know anything about the real me? Of what I’m capable of?

And the same goes for you.

Your thoughts know nothing about who you really are. You are much more than your thoughts. And your thoughts know nothing about your future, except when you are believing they do.

Try an experiment and see for yourself.

For 10 days, pretend that your limiting thoughts about who you really are is not true. Pretend that you’re limiting thoughts are not real (they aren’t) and that they don’t mean anything about what is possible for your future.

Now who will you be, what will you do if you didn’t believe your limiting thoughts?

“When I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that.”  Byron Katie

Living Lightly Tip No.05 – Crush the Cravings & Urges

Do you get cravings or an urge to snack like when sitting and watching TV?

When an urge to overeat takes over like a moth to light, here’s what you can do to circumvent the unwanted indulgence.

A strategy I’d heard years ago was that an urge lasts 2 minutes.

I can easily manage two minutes I thought, and it worked! I quit smoking years ago and it also keeps the urges at bay.

When giving into an urge or craving is a well practiced habit, you want to interrupt the unwanted habit by moving your body and changing your state of mind by doing something different.

I knew I could easily go do something simple for 2 minutes until the urge passed, like get up and go brush my teeth. Or have a glass of water. Or do a few sit-ups.

Practice interrupting your cravings and rewire your brain with a better behaviour.

So which action will you choose to manage your next craving or urge?


When I lose weight I’ll have CONFIDENCE

A common reason for wanting to lose weight is to gain confidence.

Many think they lack confidence because they haven’t hit their goal weight yet.

They believe they need to lose weight to feel confident before they can have the things they really want.

Common examples are: If I had confidence I could wear a bathing suit at the beach, I would start my business, or I would ask for a raise, or I would find Mr. Right.

Is this you?

We see others appearing confident, getting the things they want, and having a wonderful life. So we believe that we need confidence first to get what we desire.

Back in the 80s, as a young woman I admired Heather Locklear. I LOVED her big hair (remember I’m talking about the 80s and we had big hair!) and her golden life. She was gorgeous, had the body, any man she wanted, and fame and fortune. A charmed life. I’d thought she was extremely confident which was why she had an amazing life. But recently I read that she tried to commit suicide, had drunk driving charges, assaulted a police officer, stints in rehab.

Of course, knowing what I know now, I’d never want Locklear’s life. Turns out she’s human with her own insecurities. Turns out it doesn’t take confidence to get what we want.

Recently I heard a great distinction.

Confidence is a result – not a requirement.

Courage comes first. Confidence comes as a result of doing. Even if it’s baby steps.

What a relief!  You don’t need to wait for confidence!!!

That thing that you really want?

Courage comes first. Begin with taking a small step.

If you haven’t reached your goal yet, and need accountability, coaching, and support,I have a few spots left for you.

Courage begins with one step.
Email, call or text me today. 204.781.7972

Living Lightly Tip No. 4 – How to Enjoy a Longer Summer!

Is summer already starting to go by too fast?

How we do anything is how we do everything. Are you a fast eater? Fast talker? Rushing all the time? Speeding through life in a blur?

Then try this.

Visit a park or somewhere you enjoy. Take in your surroundings through each of your senses for a richer experience. What do you see? Notice the colours. Tune into the sounds around you. Breathe in the fragrance. Notice a taste in the air? And lastly, take in a deep breathe and sense how you’re feeling. Any tightness anywhere? Let it relax, drop your shoulders. Be in the moment.

Take in a nice deep breathe again. Relax into the now. This moment.

This is a practice and you will have to remind yourself frequently. But it’s so worth it, even if you practice for a few minutes at a time.

It’s like a mini vacation! You’ll experience longer and fuller days, deeper connection with people, and greater peace of mind.

Feeling Trapped with Excess Weight?

Here are 3 common fat thinking traps:

After seven years of providing weight loss coaching, I’ve seen that there are thinking patterns which limit success from achieving a naturally slender body weight.  Here are three common fat thinking traps:


There are no 50 shades of gray in this way of thinking! How we think about our (excess) weight can be what holds us stuck. One common pattern is “all or nothing”; either you’re on the program and following it perfectly or you’ve “fallen off the wagon”. This trap leaves no room for recognizing progress.

This pattern implies an either-or structure; either you’re on a program or you’re off it. If you are on a rigid diet program, it can be hard to follow for any length of time, as the very nature of a diet program is not sustainable.

A slip up is just that. It’s not the end, so as you catch yourself simply self-correct.

Or better yet, instead of a diet or program consider adopting a lifestyle way of eating, and with a few tweaks to lower your calories you will get you to your goal. Consider lower carbs with foods you do enjoy for a sustainable way of being, while reducing calories to achieve your desired healthy weight.

When you achieve your goal you will already have an integrated way of eating, and the transition to maintaining your enjoyable healthy lifestyle and weight will be so much easier.


Generalizing can be an efficient time saver. For example, we first learned to see a door, and we saw there are many types of doors. House doors, cupboard, car, garage doors and gates to name a few. When we’ve generalized all the different shapes and sizes and uses of doors, we don’t have to pause and think about each specific type of door, because we have generalized all doors and can effortlessly enter or exit at will.

But we also can generalize in a way that limits us. With this thinking pattern we can generalize in the opposite way, like when one major slip up triggers the whole weight loss goal or ourselves as an epic fail. This low quality thinking discounts all the positive actions and results that you’ve achieved to date and focuses mainly on the one slip up as a failure.

What if you switch it around and over generalize all the positive actions you take on a day to day basis? It’s a matter of where you put your focus. Keep a journal and record all the self-affirming actions you take, like making healthy meals you enjoy, parking further away and walking, and consciously choosing positive self-talk like you would with a friend. This is a great resource to shift a low mindset.


Giving away your personal power. I’ve heard this from clients: “My Mother made me go on diets since I was 10 and it’s her fault I’m overweight.” Or “My husband does all the cooking plus he brings home junk food and I can’t resist.”

Have you given away your personal power by blaming others? If you’re truly okay with your weight and are genuinely satisfied with how you are, then own that. And if not, then own that too. What do you need to do to take back your personal power? Take responsibility and like the flight attendants say, put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you assist anyone else. What one action can you take today to take back responsibility and reclaim your personal power?

An opportunity for coaching support

I’d love to hear your comments or feedback. And if you’d like to explore personal coaching, I’m presently open for just a few clients. If the time is now, let’s have a chat and discuss how I could help you achieve your personal goals. Call me 204.781.7972 or email janlaferriere@gmail.com

Living Lightly Tip No.3

Set yourself up for Success with an Effortless 5% Improvement

Often when we’re wanting to make a change, we take on too much at once and set ourselves up to struggle. As an example, you’re not yet regularly exercising, but you decide that you want to join the gym and work out three times this week. Chances are that you’re not going to meet this expectation because it’s too big of a jump. Start small and go for an easy win.

To set yourself up for success, consider a small action over the next week with an easy intention or goal. What could you find yourself doing and enjoying?

It could be focusing on one healthy meal per day, or getting a pretty water bottle to hydrate more often, taking the stairs, or it could even be just dusting off your running shoes.

For example, if you want to begin exercising, a great way to start moving the body is walking.  This could be parking your car 5% further away and walking to the office. Or maybe it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Or maybe it’s walking around the block once this week.

Make it a super easy no brainer 5% difference so that you hardly have to think about doing it.  And if you’re like many of us and you need to be held accountable to someone, send me an email or a text to 204.781.7972 with your intention and the date you’ll do it by. Make it easy to do. You’ve got this!

Caught in the Storm of a Craving

When Your Motivation Flat Lines

When a Craving Gets in Your Face

When You’re Tired & Frustrated and Want to Give In

Stop.  Just wait a sec.  Breathe.  You’re in the middle of a storm.  Caught in the blizzard of a craving, storming all around you. 

I’ve been in a white out and it feels bloody scary.  I am blindly moving because I can barely see anything in front of me.  I’ve lost sight of the way ahead, feeling small and trapped, terrified, like I’m in real danger of getting lost in the storm.  I feel an urgency to make it stop; I feel panic.  The struggle to get through this is all I can focus on.  Please help me get through this!  Time becomes eternity while I’m trying to hold on, to stay on the path, to make it until I can see my way again, to get through this to the other side of a safe, calm clarity.

Can you relate to being caught up trying to resist a craving?  The anxious fervent need to make it stop and go away.  Numb it.  Stuff it away.

Breathe.  Get up and walk.

In the calm after the storm, I know I’m not really going to die to the urge, to the craving, to the urgency.  But it sure feels like 24/7 hell during the inner storm, doesn’t it?

Like when I quit smoking, I was told the craving lasts 2 minutes.  Well I thought I can manage two minutes.  Breathe.  But those two minutes were so close together.  At first.  Just keep walking.

Then, in the light through the crack of a tiny moment, my inner wisdom whispers to me. 

My thinking is creating my insecure feelings.  I’m caught in the experience of feeling my insecure thinking.  Breathe. 

Repeat.  I breathe…  feeling just a sliver of calm awareness enter.  I sigh.  I keep walking.

I hear my innate wisdom tell me I’m okay.  We’re not born overeaters.  We are born naturally well, naturally slim, naturally okay. 

And we’re human.  And we think.  It’s part of the design.  And I’m still a work in progress. 

So I remember  the “I” that’s me, aware that I’ve got a rush of insecure thought blowing all about.  I step back to notice the storm and remember the storm is not me.  I am not the storm.  I think, but I am not my thoughts.  I feel, but I am not my feelings.  I am much more than I think I am.  So for now, in this moment, I remember this and breathe.  Calmer.

Even when we don’t see the sun during the winter storm, it’s still there.  Even when we don’t see the electricity that lights up our dark night, it’s still there.  Even when we don’t see our body heal a wound, it still does. 

Even when you don’t see the “I” that is you thinking insecure thoughts, you are still more than you think you are.  Even when you’re lost in a moment of an insecure thought storm, and you don’t see your beautiful soul, your wisdom, and your natural well-being, you’re still there.  Always.

If this resonates for you, and you’d like to join in this conversation, then contact me to see how we can work together.  204.781.7972  or janlaferriere@gmail.com

Avoid Becoming A Statistic


An estimated 33.8%, that’s one in 3 people are on a diet.

And sadly, 98% of those who diet will gain back the weight they lost within the year!

Most people know what to do as far as eating right and moving the body.  But they still struggle to get and keep a healthy weight. One could feel it’s a losing battle.  (pardon the pun)

And I agree with love your body and accept your body, but I don’t agree with passively accepting the health risks of being obese. A person is considered obese if you are 20% over your natural body weight.  Nearly 70% of adults are classified as overweight or obese!  Ouch!

But you’re not willing to settle!

If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the 3 people either on a diet or thinking about going on a diet, and you want more.  More health, more energy, more feeling good about yourself.

So what can you do?

After working with clients for the past 5 years, I know that unless you change your mindset, you will gain the weight back. Yes, mindset is where the magic is!  It’s not enough just to lose the weight, when the true goal is to keep that excess weight off, right?!

Here’s a way to avoid becoming just another gain-the-fat-back statistic.

Draw a line in the sand and reclaim yourself.

For many of us, life got so busy and you were forgotten out of those you take care of. Now you over eat out for reward, escape, pleasure, or boredom.

It can be a rewarding journey to reclaim yourself as you begin to dream again! Discover what’s been missing, what you’ve put on hold, and reclaim yourself!  You’ll increase not only your health, but also an exciting future, and then watch your weight drop!

You decide when to end the food hangover!

You choose to reclaim yourself.  You choose to create a new story.  And with this change of mindset, you will keep the change, and ensure you avoid becoming just another fat stat.