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  • Are you physically and mentally exhausted from carrying around excess weight?
  • Do you overeat to manage stress and uncomfortable emotions?
  • Do you ignore doing the things on your bucket list, putting off happiness and waiting for some day when you lose weight?
  • Do you know what to do, but you’re not doing what you know?

Hi, my name is Jan and I too experienced a time when I couldn’t lose weight.


I just couldn’t lose the weight

Some years back, my three matriarchs passed away within ten months of each other. 

Aunt Alice, my other Mom, whom I’d looked after for years, passed away after a struggle with dementia. After doing her funeral arrangements, estate settling, and moving her things from her suite, I so needed a short vacation. 

But a week later, on the same day I returned home, I got a call to take my other Aunt to emergency. We discovered she had terminal lung cancer.  For the next 2 months, I visited her daily in the hospital until she passed. Again, dealing with estate matters and moving her things out of her apartment, I found myself emotionally eating. 


The craving for food was compelling – I didn’t know I was emotionally eating

Five months later, while out of country on a short holiday for much needed rest, just three days in I got an unexpected phone call.  In a blue I was on an emergency flight home.  My Mother had severe head trauma and was in a coma after being hit by a vehicle  She held on for me to get there, but slipped away shortly after I arrived.   

Again, funeral arrangements, estate matters, and cleaning out suites and things for 3 of my matriarchs all within 10 months, I was exhausted, grieving, and putting on more weight.

Add in menopause, and I ended up about 30 pounds overweight. I tried eating well, going on a diet on my own, moving more, but I just couldn’t seem to stop my body storing fat.


My body wouldn’t stop storing fat

I felt frustrated, embarrassed, and self-conscious. I agonized over wearing shorts in the summer unless they were below the knee with a loose fitting top. I dreaded the thought of summer swimming. 

My busy mind was constantly barraging me on what to eat, what not to eat, and don’t get me started about when I looked in a mirror. My confidence dipped and I was tired and frustrated with all my futile efforts, suffering from a long-term food hangover.


I was finally able to easily lose the weight and dropped almost 30 pounds

Lose the excess weight: By coincidence I found out about low carb eating. Finally something worked. I was amazed at how quickly and easily I got results. My weight dropped, my confidence returned, and I could wear what I wanted again. My husband also experienced great results, and so I opened my own clinic to share this program.

First was to find what worked. Many of us find various programs that do work and have gotten results. That’s usually not the issue, the issue is to continue doing what we know works, right? Too often so many of us begin to get results but for various reasons “fall off he wagon” and can’t get back to just doing what you know works.

Once the new diet honeymoon fades, our old fat thinking habits return! This is why we slip up, this is why cravings tempt us, this is why we have trouble getting back on track, and why we lose motivation. This is the first of the two keys to truly getting the slim body you desire – knowing how to effortlessly continue doing what you know even when those old habits return! This is the diamond in the promise ring!


Then I learned the most important way to keep it off

Keep off the excess weight: This is the second most important part. At first I saw many clients lose weight and yet some were putting the weight back on. So over the past decade of working with clients as a certified weight loss coach, I discovered the foundational principle to not only losing weight, but sustaining weight. This is the band of gold that holds the diamond to make it complete.


Now I teach the Simple Way to Getting Slim and Staying Slim

Now as a Personal Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coach, I teach the simple principles with mindset coaching so you will both lose weight and sustain the great results you’ve worked for! I teach the framework in an easy concept of this mindset understanding. Most people ask why don’t they teach us this in school?



We’ll have a short phone call so I can get an understanding of what you’re experiencing as a result of your weight, and how you can get back to your natural slim self.

Healthy is the new sexy.

Call or email me and take the first step to reclaiming your body, your vitality, and your life.

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